I tweeted my Shia LaBeouf confession a couple of weeks ago. Something about Shia makes me quiver.

It started on the way back from Cannes. Laura and I were flying back together and started talking about Transformers and Shia’s fame and what it was about him and Eagle Eye happened to be one of the movies available on the in seat tv so I watched. And he’s great to watch. Onscreen energy is super sexy. I like his voice. I like his intensity. I like his sarcastic stress face. And even though he’s wee, I like the way he wears his jeans.

Like today has turned into LOVE.

Did you see Shia this morning on The Today Show? There was a fan outside hoping he’d come out. Instead they brought her in. And he was so sweet to her, not in the normal, hi how are you, thank you, that’s very nice now please go away kind of way, but charmingly engaged her in conversation, complimented her outfit, looked in her eyes when they spoke, wasn’t distracted, didn’t talk down to her, and made sure to make those 45 seconds the most memorable of her young life.



Most of them aren’t game for this. Most of them couldn’t pull this off. Most of them would come off awkward and unsettled. Shia however is a natural. And he’s a player. You put him around a lady and he cranks up his juice.

This is what they call personality. It’s the proverbial It Factor. And Shia has so much.

Photos of Shia leaving LA for New York yesterday and this morning on the talk show circuit.

Photos from Doug Meszler/Splashnewsonline.com and GABO/Bauergriffinonline.com