You know what’s Good For Gossip? Shia LaBeouf. Hormonal Shia LaBeouf. Are his moods in line with the moon? Whatever. The watching is fun. He’s giving us a lot of fun.

As you know, Shia was supposed to be on Broadway in Orphans. Then he quit over creative differences after throwing down with that other queen Alec Baldwin. Then he published (on Twitter) several email exchanges to prove that he’s talented but also gracious. Or something. Then he published more email exchanges about the time he brownnosed the director and told on Alec for being nervous. Click here and here if you’d like to revisit the situation.

The first preview performance for Orphans happened on Tuesday night. Shia was in the front row. According to the NY Times:

At one point in midperformance Mr. Baldwin noticed Mr. LaBeouf and fixed on him for a beat; it was unclear if he was surprised to see him there. A spokeswoman for the play said Mr. LaBeouf bought his ticket on Tuesday and did not formally alert the production team that he would be attending.

At the curtain call Mr. LaBeouf shot out of his seat and applauded enthusiastically, his hands raised high in the air. When Ben Foster, who replaced Mr. LaBeouf in the play, took his bow, Mr. Foster pointed to the actor and smiled, and Mr. LaBeouf rapped his palm on the stage. Mr. LaBeouf, who appeared to be by himself, left his seat during intermission and then bolted out of the theater after the curtain call; he could not be reached for comment.

Shia confirmed the NY Times story by re-tweeting their story and posting a photo of his ticket. So far that’s all. He’ll have a proper review ready when the critics are able to release theirs, because right now, he has nothing to plagiarise, the way he plagiarised his apology. Meanwhile he hobbles around New York with a cast on his foot continuing to be unpredictable and terribly entertaining. Only slightly less so than Amanda Bynes. How can we arrange a meeting?