This will be a very immature article. If you’re looking for cerebral content for adults, you should probably skip to the next. But given his wanky ass treatment of his (ex?) girlfriend Carey Mulligan the other night, it totally seems appropriate. To point out that Shia LaBeouf seems to be pointing out.

Of his pants.

Shia was on set in New York yesterday shooting Wall Street 2 with Michael Douglas and director Oliver Stone. He seemed relaxed, in good spirits, happily surrounded by his forefathers, and it shows.

Note the shots of Shia going up the stairs. At, um, his “area” in particular.

Don’t mean to act like a 12 year old but … that’s much too loosey moosey in your face for my taste. Dude, tie that sh-t up. We need a little mystery.

Of course it’s a costume designer’s job to worry about these matters. Let this be a suggestion then. Your lead needs some f-ckin’ underwear.

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