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Ugh. That Boyfriend. Shia LaBeouf could be That Boyfriend. That Boyfriend who always makes it about him, who sulks at the bar when you’re having fun with other people, who deliberately makes you angry because anger is the only way he can see proof that you care.

SO disappointing.

Shia was at the An Education premiere in New York the other night to support his girlfriend Carey Mulligan whose performance in the film is generating critical acclaim and even praise from Anna Wintour. Anna has declared herself a fan.

Translation: Carey Mulligan will get a US Vogue cover before Victoria Beckham will. Heh.

Anyway, it was supposed to have been a triumphant evening for Carey. Instead, Shia put on his pouty pants, picked a fight with her, and then huffed off into the night. According to NY Magazine’s Daily Intel Shia was spotted drinking and then getting up in Carey’s face, gesticulating angrily, before leaving her there on her own. All class, she betrayed no outward emotion after he left, smoothed out her dress, and walked away to rejoin the party.

I like Shia LaBeouf. I think he’s talented. But he’s another child star, f-cked up by a missing childhood and the intoxication of fame, who needs to sort out his head.

This is a major year for Carey Mulligan. No unnecessary distractions, no messing with fortuitous winds. If my mother were her mother, we’d be balls deep in feng shui reorganisation to reset The Luck. Shia is messing with The Luck.

Attached – Carey at the premiere, terrible makeup.

Thanks Elizabeth!

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