Shia for the 5?

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What is it about Shia LaBeouf I love so much? He’s been a dumbass behind the wheel, and those curious oedipal remarks, and he’s obviously an emotional brat, and still there’s something. Shia is an intense, compelling actor, even when she’s acting in sh-t. He’s watchable. That’s It, I guess.

This new interview with GQ isn’t helping my crush. He’s just so f-cking cute. And demonstrably little. Which is usually a problem for me. It speaks to his indescribable appeal. And I know I share this quiver with many of you who, without fail, always email whenever he’s the subject of a post. Try to control yourselves today. There is work to do.

I like the way Shia photographs. Even in his action shots, when you know he’s just posing, I actually almost believe he’s not really posing. I also like that Shia isn’t pretty. Rather, he’s unusual looking. And expressive. His is not a face that will die with a fad. If he can hold himself together, Shia has a long career. And it should be a varied one. He does however need to get over himself.

Some of these GQ answers illustrate the pretension that Sam Worthington protested against in my earlier post.

"He is a doctor of human manipulation,"
Shia says of Oliver Stone. He means it as a compliment. "One of the first things you do with Oliver is you start talking about your personal life. You give it all to him at the beginning, and then he has these strings with which he can f-ck with you. He regurgitates this stuff at inopportune moments. He will just come up and whisper a phrase in your ear, sing a song, mention something about your dad, and—pow!—it puts you in a different world. We'd be on the street, and Oliver would just say, 'Go to that bar, get f-cked-up, and come back.' I'd walk over, get smashed, and go back to work. He would really f-ck with me when I was smashed. I get aggressive when I'm smashed, and he'd film that. He would just open you up completely, make you f-cking naked-and then call, 'Action.'"

This is why actors shouldn’t play poker. Or they should if we want to take their money. Please. It would be so easy. Because they are so f-cking sensitive. At least the young ones are. Speaking of gambling... I do worry about his little trading habit now. I know a gambler when I see one. Because I am one. And was, at one point in university, caught up in some deep debt sh-t. And being young with money, well, it can lead to so much f-ckery:

"I trade in my boxers now. I'm up early for the markets. I'm real-time all day long." He loves the game and the thrill and the nerves of the market; and the market, it seems, loves him right back. As of the morning of our lunch, Shia says his online Schwab Active Trading account had grown to close to $450,000.

Perhaps Carey will hold him in check. And this is the very best part of the interview. He doesn’t want to give it away, but he doesn’t shut it down completely. In fact he handled it perfectly:

"I never really had anything in my life that was off-limits,"
he says, visibly trying to control his natural inclination to share, to think out loud, to let his voice run free. "But with this, just out of respect, I just don't want to f-ck around. She's an unbelievably thought-provoking actress, the most talented actress I've ever met in my life, by leaps and bounds. Neither one of us are fame whores. It works out. It's not like we're the premiere couple; we're not the red-carpet king and queen."

RIGHT? You love him loving her, right? I do.

Read more of Shia’s feature in GQ and more photos click here.

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