As I mentioned last week, I am loving Shia LaBeouf right now. I love him so much. Because he has been nothing but entertaining. Crazy, but entertaining.

Shia was supposed to be on Broadway in Orphans. But he and Alec Baldwin couldn’t stop yelling at each other. So Shia quit and made public a series of emails between him and, seemingly, everyone else involved with the production, including an apology he sent to Alec that he apparently plagiarised from an Esquire article. Most of the apology was something about how to be a “man”.

Last night Shia was on Letterman to promote his new film The Company You Keep. Letterman is tight with Alec Baldwin. And, as Letterman does, he opened up the awkward right away, asking Shia about their conflict. Here’s how Shia described the dispute:

“(Alec and I) had tension, as men. Not as artists — as men.”

This dude has a Man Fixation. Everything about anything comes back to Man.

You remember when he scrapped with Tom Hardy on the set of Lawless (which Tom patronisingly laughed off, conceding that Shia was indeed the tougher of the two of them)? That was all about Shia’s Man too.

We get it. Shia, man, you are All Man. Until you go on Letterman who, like a stern uncle, basically makes you apologise for being a child.