Quiveration CAN come out of stupidity.

As you know, Shia LeBoeuf was arrested the other day after acting like a douchebag drunk off his ass at a Walgreens in Chicago. When confronted by the paps today about the incident, Shia did not shirk from shame, he did not run, nor did he hide behind a burly bodyguard with an attitude problem. He actually answered the question politely, owned up to his “embarrassing” behaviour, bid the fellow good day, and then went about his business.

It seems absurd praising someone for acting as they should, applauding someone for having manners, but these cases are all relative, and in comparison to the other little sh*ts running around Hollywood, Shia at least has a few manners.

As such…there’s now a little quiver.

Well played Shia, well played.

To watch the video, click here.