Who doesn’t love The Chosen One?

As you know, Shiloh Jolie-Pitt turned one the other day and according to Us Weekly sources, 50 balloons were ordered to the compound in Prague, along with cake and cookies and other festive treats.

Interesting the cover caption on the magazine: The Secret Home Life of Daddy’s Girl and the Surprising Truth About Mom…prompting many to wonder whether or not Angelina is still “neglecting” the white kid in favour of the adopted multicoloured ones, as ludicrously suggested by the tabloids. Typically though, as you can see, Brad Pitt’s image, that of Best Father Ever, is still in tact. Apparently he fashions Frisbees out of pizza boxes and encourages Maddox, Pax, and Zahara to throw them around the house while The Chosen One watches with delight.

Surprisingly though, Janice is expected to portray Angelina, for now anyway, as a doting mother equally to all her children, perhaps in a new bid to garner favour with the Pitts for future features on the heels of their triumphant trip to Cannes.

And finally, Marion from Montreal wrote yesterday…says she passed Brad at the airport leaving Customs, security in tow, and he was on his cell phone. She heard him say: Put Madd on…

Cute, non?