It was announced today that a legal name change request by Angelina Jolie on behalf of her children has been approved, clearing the way for Brad to officially adopt Maddox and Zahara. As it so happens, the Sundance Film Festival also kicked off in Park City, Utah today and the first movie to be screened was a production called Friends With Money starring - you guessed it - Jennifer Aniston. Coincidence or conspiracy??? You tell me. More on Jen later. Let"s finish up with the Family Pitt first. Many of you have emailed me of late, asking me if I think this pregnancy was planned and whether or not I"ve heard anything further about why Brad and Angelina waited so long to announce it to his family. As far as I know, they were NOT expecting to be expecting. In fact, a couple of my sources have told me that Angie was actually quite surprised that she could conceive in the first place. But I"m not going anywhere NEAR that one. However, just because the baby wasn"t planned doesn"t mean they haven"t strategically orchestrated every move since. It might be easy to believe that she"s the ballbreaker in the relationship but I"m hearing that Brad"s no slouch in the control freak department either and believe me when I tell you the man has been quite deliberate in exploiting public fascination to his advantage. Go through my archives and trace it back yourself. And no, at this point, it doesn"t require doctoral level smutting skills. In terms of bridging his new family with his old family…as widely reported, Pitt"s mother hasn"t exactly warmed quickly to the mother of her new grandchildren. This is not to say she hates her, just that she"s understandably having a hard time adjusting to so much change in so little time. According to my sources however she"s been pretty gracious in making genuine attempts to welcome Angelina into the family fold, and a full formal gathering is reportedly being planned within the next 3 weeks, perhaps also with Angie"s mother. Stay tuned… And finally, on a lighter note, in case you haven"t seen it already - my favourite giggle of the day…a clever, not so artistic intepretation of Angelina"s baby scan. I"m telling you…this one was so good I had to have a cigarette after.