This is a Non Story, an article about nothing, an article to report simply that nothing has changed – I apologise if you’re not an obsessed McGosling.

So Ryan didn’t take Rachel to the Oscars. Because he took his mom and his sister and they’re not the type to hassle hell over extra tickets and who sits up front blah blah blah. And then of course Life & Style, the infallible, the ever reliable Life & Style, the same magazine that proclaimed the death of TomKat 2 months before Little Sci’s birth – a break up that obviously NEVER materialized – the same magazine that called for a Nick and Jess pregnancy at the time of their divorce, the same magazine that has announced a Pitt/Jolie wedding and a Pitt/Jolie split every 2 weeks… this magazine declared that Rachel and Ryan were done.

And the McGoslings freaked out. And they email. Every day they email. Every day it’s panic and anxiety. Over nothing.

Have heard consistently, throughout this entire ordeal, from slamdunk sources, as recently as late last week that Rachel and Ryan are together. TOGETHER …they are together.

Did they have a few arguments? Sure. All couples argue. Remember The Notebook? Remember Noah and Allie? Noah and Allie argued. But Noah and Allie loved strong in the end. Sorry to burst your bubble there McGoslings but they don’t float on clouds all day untouched by reality. It’s normal. They fight.

Having said that, I can tell you there was NEVER an official split. I’m told he’s still totally totally committed to her, totally totally in love with her. So for now McGoslings, don’t worry. They are fine. And yes, you can go back to naming their babies.

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