Gloating ahead. Be warned. Stop reading now if you don"t approve. But didn"t I tell you they weren"t friends? In spite of that bullsh-t story last week that it was Angelina"s pleas that changed Madonna"s adoption plans from America to Malawi? As you know, the Oprah/Madge interview airs today, a short clip has been released during which she addresses the rumours of Pitt consultation during the adoption process - a report she denies emphatically by saying she"s never even met Angelina Jolie! Ahem. And maybe it"s just me but you"ll note if you listen closely, in typical Madonna fashion, there"s a little bit of a sneer when she says it. Or...maybe it"s just me. But as I"ve told you before, she"s supposedly no fan of the Ange, at least not judging by comments she made while in Toronto for TIFF 2005. Still...this is about Madonna and David. And Madonna defiantly defending her actions, lashing out at the media for making the adoption situation so stressful. Her main concern she says is that this will discourage others from following in her footsteps, given the need in the region for support, the fiasco that has resulted from her wading into African adoption waters may scare other prospective parents away. Tune in to Oprah this afternoon to see photos and to hear more from Madge - English accent in tact. TMZ TMZ