Also some Pitt Porn.

Brad Pitt joined the Jolie today on the set of her movie today taking pictures and generally just standing around being hot. And then they embraced. And there’s the money shot.

Meanwhile their daughter Shiloh was spotted back at the house hanging out with the Jack the bulldog. It looks like she’s scolding him with her finger. Then they make up and she rubs his ears. Then he’s lying down in frog position in a sun patch, and the one that kills me the most is the shot of her with her hood pulled over her head leading her faithful friend Jack away towards their next adventure. It’s so adorable I can’t stand it.

Love it when kids are comfortable with animals. When they grow up around them as part of the family. My cousin Cat, who is like my sister, has a Westie called Jughead (Juggie for short) who is getting progressively fatter because her son, Sasha, now 18 months, has taken it upon himself to share all his food. Our nephews and niece grew up around dogs too. They are all over Marcus when he’s around. So much so that he, crusty in his older age, actually rolls his eyes and tries to hide until they’ve left. And when they do leave he makes like he’s totally exhausted and has to sleep them off for several hours. Looking at Jack the bulldog, this must happen to him all the time.

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