I wish all the girls could have been there last night at the Shirley MacLaine AFI event. Still, it was enough to make me want to watch it right now. Maybe tonight. Maybe Jacek will go out and leave me alone to cry at the television and I can put the True Blood screeners on hold until tomorrow.

Duana and I just texted back and forth about this. Because it’s been a while, I asked her whether or not it was still good or if we’ve now grown up too much and into our own asses. Her response:

“No, I think it was good - and RARE to have a movie of virtually NO men be so acclaimed.”

God I love Julia Roberts. If you didn’t know that this wasn’t a night about Julia Roberts, just going by how she’s behaving in the photos, wouldn’t you have thought this was a night about Julia Roberts? That’s Julia Roberts. She laughs loudest, widest, longest. And she is at her best when it’s supposed to be about someone else. Do you remember when she presented Best Actor to Denzel Washington?

“I love my life.”

Click here to revisit Julia being Julia. The way she throws herself on top of him at the end there is a beautiful thing. My favourite is the picture here of Julia talking at Shirley like Julia talks to all of us - Julia KNOWS and we listen.


We should all have friends we love more than our luggage.