I don't think he's ever looked hotter, fitter. And having the baby in his arms doesn't hurt either, I guess.

This is Colin Farrell in Toronto yesterday on the set of Total Recall with his son Henry. Yes. It's been really hot here. Hot enough, I suppose, if you want to, to walk around with your shirt off. Hot enough to show off the results of hot yoga, which he's been attending regularly while he's been in town, in addition to his regular workouts with his trainer, the man with the longish hair. He's been with him a while, the same dude Duana and I were training beside during Oscar week.

I feel like since Oscar week we've been stalking each other. He's in Toronto, I've been in Toronto. He's going to Comic-Con, I'm going to Comic-Con. I promise you Comic-Con was scheduled for me two months ago - well before he was even whispered about. But he'll be there for Fright Night and, I think, something else. Sarah from Cinesnark is working on a Comic-Con preview that will post on Monday. She'll know.

My CC priority is Game of Thrones though. Kit Harington! If only I could work out beside Kit Harington.

Photos from INF