Big f*cking surprise.

Hollywood’s most exploitative mother was supposed to be a former Rockette and a some time actress before getting married and having children on which to dump her unrealised ambitions.

Problem is – Radio City Music Hall begs to differ, and the folks there aren’t exactly thrilled that she’s been trying to beef up her resumé with their name.

As for Dina’s “acting” history – no record of that either, just another delusion, another on the long list of delusions for which Dina has become famous. And that really is the scary part, isn’t it?
That this woman, this woman who regularly creates her own reality, is raising 4 children and one of them is already turning out like her.

On deck? Ali Lohan the younger daughter who has already released her Christmas album – A Lohan Holiday. And you know what killed me about that? Lindsay and Dina go to great lengths to underscore the proper pronunciation of LOHAN.

It’s not LOW-HAN. It’s more Lowen. Trust me on this, we at eTalk were told before an interview a few years ago.

What’s hilarious though is that when Ali sings the refrain, “A Lo-han holiday…”, the notes need two strong syllables, so for the purposes of pimping the song, they deliberately say Low-Han, butchering the pronunciation of her last name so sell the record!!! Do you love it or do you LOVE it?

Pretty much sums up the Dina Lohan value system...