Dear Gossips,

Shonda. SHONDA!

Duana’s coming with the Scandal and How To Get Away With Murder recaps right away but for now… Just Shonda. Shonda who for some reason is not revered in the same way that the Matthew Weiners and the David Cranes are whenever people start talking about the pantheon of top showrunners. Which Duana fumes about at least once a week. She might fume about it again today.

Speaking of women in entertainment, this weekend, a story about a girl will take over the box office. And a girl with a big voice will take over music. As you know, the album that everyone has been waiting for, Adele’s 25, is finally here and they’re projecting that in her first week, she could sell as many as 2.5 million copies, which would break ‘NSYNC’s No Strings Attached in 2000. As you know, music, and the way we consume it, is not the same now than it was then. In these times, this kind of number is a monster.

Enjoy the soundtrack of your weekend!

Yours in gossip,