Many of you regularly email to ask about various items that celebrities have been seen wearing in our photo galleries – Jennifer Aniston’s bag, Selena Gomez’s tank top, etc. Last week we partnered with new eCommerce vendor Bringhub to launch a new feature in our LifeStyle section aimed at bringing you a selection of looks from recent candid shots of celebrities.  You can see them below each Lifestyle article:

… as well as a standalone page here:

Both shops are available on your mobile devices (below LifeStyle articles and in the shop at the same URL), so if you’re on the go and want to check out the latest additions to the library, jump in. 

4-5 new looks are added daily, and if you’ve missed any you can use the search function to search by item you’re interested in, by celebrity, and by store. The items come directly from the retailers you know and trust, from SAKS to Zara to River Island to Farfetch. And if you add items from multiple retailers into your SmartCart, they can all be purchased with one secure checkout transaction directly from within the cart.

In almost all cases, you’ll be able to see what the actual item the celebrity is wearing is, and if you’re not ready to dish 5Gs for a jacket, a selection similar but of lower-priced alternatives are presented below the item selected.

When you click on an item the SmartCart will slip out from the side of the window and you can browse a number of different options, including accessing your cart, logging in with your FB or email account, or browsing for similar looks within the app.  All transactions are secure and processed through SmartCart application. LaineyGossip does not retain any of your personal information or payment and you’re dealing directly with either Bringhub via SmartCart, or the retailer should you choose that option.

For more information click here to visit our ‘Shop’ page and follow the links provided to the right of our “Shop LifeStyle” header for full details if you’d like to learn more about Bringhub and SmartCart.   

My pick of the lot so far? Anne Hathaway's suede flats.