I love the look of a jacket dress and nothing else. If I had reason to, and breasts that could stand on their own like that, I would do the same. The problem here is the hair. She's grown up enough with the bare chest, she doesn't need to add another 20 years to herself with a middle-aged blow out and much, MUCH too much eye makeup. It negates the point of being 19 and fresh.

But it’s a tricky time for Miley Cyrus right now. Her career has stalled. She’s not singing, she’s not acting, and the current prospects for both aren’t promising. I’ve spoken recently with a few sources about the Miley strategy and I’m told that supposedly no one on the team can really agree on one. Word is Miley doesn’t want to record and tour anymore, and is leaning towards pursuing more opportunities in film, but not much is being sent her way and what’s being sent her way is so sh-t, even she can recognise that it’s poor quality.

Talent didn’t matter before with a young undiscerning fanbase that was willing to spend. Unfortunately Miley’s fanbase didn’t grow with her in the way that Britney Spears’s did. That’s not to say she’s been totally abandoned but there’s no built-in guarantee anymore. When you take that away then, there’s more riding on raw ability. It would be an understatement to say that there’s no consensus about whether or not Miley Cyrus has any.

This would be a good one for the Faculty Of Celebrity Studies - how would you manage Miley Cyrus? If I were her people, I’d be working the phone hard on American Idol as a possible replacement for Jennifer Lopez. What?