As promised on Friday, Meghan Markle leads off this week’s episode of Show Your Work after she shut down The Tig. Duana and I talk about WHAT THIS MEANS. And what it means that Meghan and Harry know what we are thinking it means. So… why do it this way? In the most obvious way possible? What is Meghan Markle giving up? When do we give up work … for other work? Also, what does her name have to do with it? Her name, as in her REAL name. Here’s the photo of me Duana references during the discussion. I’m buried underneath Duana’s wedding dress the day before her wedding. Because, of course, there’s a specific kind of joy that accompanies a royal wedding.

Last week Harry Styles released his first single as a solo artist. And an analysis of his work strategy, and the specific sound he’s chosen to go solo with devolves into an unexpected argument over JC Chasez and Justin Timberlake. It might be the most intense fight we’ve had on the podcast – over boyband sparkle! But, seriously, does Harry Styles have the sparkle?

Gabrielle Union recently released a line of haircare products called Flawless. And then last week some people started talking sh-t about what right she has to sell hair products? Gabrielle responded. The response was how she showed her work. But do all celebrities show their work the way Gabrielle did? She’s not the first to endorse a beauty line or even her own beauty line. What is the difference between those who did it effectively and those who don’t? Also… I had to, at this point, question my own hair bias. And what I’ve learned about my hair assumptions, my hair ignorance.

Sarah wrote last week about Joss Whedon in negotiations for Batgirl and at the end of her post, she noted that while she has every confidence in Joss’s abilities, she’s still bumping up against why a woman isn’t being considered for the job. Scott Mendelson at Forbes is asking the same question: If a woman can’t direct Batgirl, what the heck can she direct? This is something we’ve been shouting about for a long time. And it’s the issue Duana had with Bad Moms. Men direct stories about women all the time. We already know the reverse doesn’t happen. But how is it possible that women aren’t given the opportunities to direct women?

And finally, this week’s installment of Do We Need To Care About… #ThatsHarassment, a series of short films based on real situations of workplace harassment launched by David Schwimmer. We encourage you to watch each vignette here. Why isn’t this campaign getting more attention…and why? Especially NOW.

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