Sorry again for missing out on the podcast last week. Duana and I were in LA for the Oscars and our podcast studio (my living room) isn’t mobile yet. But what a week to miss…

We’ve had questions about how the Oscar f-ck-up could have happened. And while the Academy is putting the blame solely on the accountants, Duana has some thoughts about whether or not the Academy should also take some responsibility. Me, I blame it on the fact that everyone’s a social media famewhore. 

We also get to a question about who accepts the Oscar and who gets to speak, particularly for Best Picture. And this is where Brad Pitt comes up. Is Brad Pitt the “wokest white man in Hollywood”? Is La La Land producer Jordan Horowitz the “truth-teller we need right now”?

From Brad Pitt, it’s a natural segue to Angelina Jolie. Her Guerlain ad was released last week. According to The Hollywood Reporter she’s lining up new projects but may not have the negotiating power she once had. Has her influence in Hollywood really been diminished in the wake of World War Brange? What is her pivot… if she’s to pivot?

Jake Gyllenhaal has pivoted. It’s been 7 years now since Prince of Persia. Since then, he’s made excellent choices – and not necessarily the kind of choices that many of his peers would have made… or COULD make. Leonardo DiCaprio isn’t singing on Broadway in Sunday In The Park With George – and graciously not submitting his name for Tony consideration for it. Jake Gyllenhaal has the range. And is showing his range, showing his work. How did he get here though? Was there a detour? Has he found his way back? Or was this always what he intended?

Connie Britton intended to not be on Nashville anymore. Rayna James, however, is not Doug Ross. Or Elena Gilbert. She’s more like a Will Gardner. As a screenwriter, how do you decide what to do with a character when an actor doesn’t want to stay? And what’s the work that’s required to make that happen? What’s the work going forward for Connie Britton? Will she diversify her work the way Lucy Liu did, the way Ellen Pompeo is doing, the way Regina King is doing, the way Joanna Kearns has! Did you even know about Joanna Kearns?

And that brings us to this week’s installment of Do We Need To Care About… Shiri Appleby? Shiri signed a development deal last week with A&E Studios. If you were paying attention last year though, she had this all planned out. More and more women in the business are showing their work by creating the work themselves.

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