Finally we get to talk about Rihanna on the podcast. Rihanna made her first appearance on Bates Motel last week. Duana walked into a bodega when it happened and everyone had the same reaction she did – stillness, mesmerised by her on the TV:

Showrunners Kerry Ehrin and Carlton Cuse spoke to Vulture about what it was like to have her on the show. And the work that was required, by production and by Rihanna, to make it happen. Rihanna’s not the first pop star to get into acting. We discuss how her strategy is different from Madonna and even Beyoncé. Then Duana comes in with an outrageous comparison: Rihanna and Mandy Moore?!? So we fight.

After that it’s over to Jenny Slate and that interview we were all talking about. But were we focusing on the wrong thing? Because while Jenny was sharing with us the details of her relationship with Chris Evans, she made a big declaration. Jenny Slate wants a “seat at the main dinner table” – not in TV but in movies. She articulated her ambition. What will it take for Jenny Slate to achieve that? And who will she be when that happens? In retaliation for Duana’s Rihanna-Mandy Moore comparison, I throw down one of my own: Jenny Slate and Taylor Swift. We fight again.

We do not fight, however, about Gwyneth Paltrow. Goop’s expansion into vitamins just made The New Yorker. Basically G invites the magazine to sit in on a staff meeting. Her company secured $15 million in venture capital last year. She has no problem telling you how to steam your vagina, selling jade eggs for you to stick in your vagina, electronic devices that will help you exercise your vagina, and her latest newsletter is about assplay… but she decides to get modest around a title? The title of Chief Executive Officer? COME ON, Gwyneth. Come on.

From G’s blog we move to the business of blogs. Following Mike Redmond and Photo Boy’s departure from The Superficial last week, many of you had questions about what it’s like to work on a blog. Thank you for this because it gave me, in particular, an opportunity to talk about our blog philosophy. And it gave us the opportunity to pay tribute to the blogs we have loved and lost.

And finally… Do You Need To Care About Big Little Lies? Why you DO need to care. Last night was the penultimate episode. That scene with Celeste and Dr Reisman last night? When she said to her that it always amazes her how self-aware her patients can be, while still deep in denial? And then Dr Reisman played divorce court lawyer. THAT is why this show is more than just a f-cking soap opera, male critics. Because how many f-cking times have you heard about that happening to the women in our lives?

One episode a day, that’s all you need to do to catch up before next weekend. Big Little Lies concludes on Sunday. Watch!

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