Show Your Work: The capital of Adele, female directors, Donald Glover, and (ugh) Justin Timberlake

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The theme of this week’s Show Your Work podcast is Capital: how do you build it, how do you spend it when you have it, and who isn’t spending it effectively?

We begin with Adele who won her second Album of the Year award at the Grammys last week and, just as she did on tour, made it clear to us that it’ll be a while before we see her again. She’s 28 years old and basically… going into semi-retirement? How many others could just walk away when they’re at the top? How much capital do have to have accumulated to walk away when you’re on top? And, well, is Adele actually walking away? Or is the promise of walking away, and being able to leave it all behind, part of Adele’s persona, and the reason why we love her. Because she makes us think she doesn’t want it that bad….right?

If capital is power, in Hollywood, where directors are concerned, there is a capital imbalance between men and women. Last week, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) reported found “systemic discrimination against female filmmakers” after a two year investigation. Producer Lynda Obst (Sleepless In Seattle, How To Get Over A Guy In 10 Days, Interstellar etc) then wrote a guest piece for The Hollywood Reporter about fighting for gender equality in Hollywood. How can you build capital when you’re not being given the same opportunities? And even if you have succeeded, as Amy Heckerling has, why is it that you have to prove yourself all over again? 

If you’re Donald Glover though, you strike now, with every opportunity, and then you share your capital – your power – with your community. Donald delivered on Atlanta. But now he’s pausing on Atlanta because he’s playing Lando Calrissian and – it was just announced – Simba in the live action adaptation of The Lion King. Duana laughed at me because I’m still confused about what a live action Lion King will look like but the main point here is that Donald Glover has been doing the work, the work keeps coming, and his strategy in what work he prioritises is how he shows his work … now and for years to come.

You know who doesn’t have a problem showing his work?

Justin Timberlake. No one is hustling harder than JT right now for that Oscar. As Jezebel pointed out the other day, “what else is there to possibly learn about Justin Timberlake’s Trolls song”? It could happen. This coming Sunday, we could see Justin Timberlake win an Oscar. What does Justin Timberlake do with that capital? Please. The answer to that question is another question:

Did he ever share any of his capital with Janet Jackson? #NeverForget

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