Show Your Work: Paparazzi and Morning TV

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Chrissy Teigen was at the Women’s March in DC on Saturday as Duana and I were recording the latest episode of our Show Your Work podcast. She was making headlines the day before for tweeting about an encounter she’d had with a paparazzo who used a racist slur when photographing her and John Legend. Chrissy’s Twitter amazingness has come up before on the podcast. Today she served up some more of it.

“you became someone who was punched in the face”

This is why Duana loves her so much. It’s not condoning the act of punching someone in the face. It’s a statement of fact. Actual fact. With shade. She’s really something special. So, sure, we’re talking again about her social media brilliance but this time it’s also with respect to her relationship with fame – and the paparazzi. And a larger conversation about the celebrity ecosystem and all its players. How some celebrities navigate those exchanges cleverly (Chrissy) and how some keep missing the point.

Then we get into our fascination with Megyn Kelly. Last week Vanity Fair posted an article asking whether or not Megyn Kelly is the next Matt Lauer and it’s not just this question that’s caught our attention but the details within the piece about Megyn’s Hollywood arrival and how people in Hollywood are responding to her. This is exactly what Show Your Work is about. Megyn Kelly is being given the NBC platform. What will she do with it?

From actual news personalities to fictional ones, Tina Fey and Robert Carlock are producing a show about news called Great News premiering in March. They joined the cast at the TCAs last week to promote it and it gave us an opportunity to talk about how the TCA works and whether or not a show about how the news works will work – specifically Nicole Richie’s character.

And finally… child stardom. Ariel Winter was profiled in the latest issue of SELF and she reveals how she struggled with body image, her breasts in particular, and what a difference it made to her to have Sofia Vergara around as a mentor. Duana’s written before about Millie Bobby Brown, what work looks like for a non-adult, and why that work can get pretty uncomfortable. Is there a difference between Emma Stone and Ariel Winter?

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