Shrug: Madonna’s touring nipple

Lainey Posted by Lainey at June 11, 2012 17:58:25 June 11, 2012 17:58:25

Madonna performed in Turkey on Saturday night. During the show she took off her shirt, played around with her bra strap, and then peeled back her bra cup to reveal her right nipple. It’s a great looking nipple, sure. But it’s also a move she’s been dropping for so SO many years. How fresh can it be?

At the SMUT Soiree in Vancouver last week, there was a question from the crowd about Madonna from a longtime fan of hers who wanted to know WHY she’s just not bringing it anymore.

Madonna signed a deal with Live Nation in 2007 that was supposed to be worth $100 million. It was to include 3 albums and merchandising and touring. We’re at the halfway point of that contract. You remember what William Orbit, her record producer with whom she worked on MDNA, said a few weeks about MDNA being a disappointment because it was so rushed?

Can we call this a case of money motivating art?

I would pull out my nipples for Madonna too if there was something to pull them out for, you know? But none of what she’s been offering is particularly nipple worthy. There’s nothing exciting about this sound. There’s nothing hype, nothing memorable, no song that would merit any attention if not for the fact that she’s the one trying to sing it. Isn’t that what they call coasting? But Madonna clawed her way out of Detroit. Madonna told us she would never coast.

In the next 5 years Madonna has to force out two more of these (mediocre) efforts to honour the terms of the deal. I’m just saying we might be seeing a lot more of her tits.

Here’s Madonna with her boyfriend Brahim hand in hand in Rome tonight.


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