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My husband has been on me all day about featuring Shu Qi because he’s been stalking her on Getty. He thinks he’s an Asian specialist now, he can actually tell us apart. And right now he’s all about how hot she is. Can’t get over how hot she is. Me I’m partial to Maggie Cheung. But Shu will do. By the way, Shu is her last name. And she’s on the jury this year at Cannes – not really sure how she qualifies but whatever. It’s not like she has the resume of either Cheung or Gong Li. But Asia Argento I don’t understand either.

Here’s Shu at the afternoon jury photo on opening day Wednesday in pale mustard yellow, patterned wedges, and her hair loose around her face.

For the Gala at the Palais a few hours later, it was floor length blue, hair pulled back, pink shoes, clean spare on accessories, and barely any makeup. Simple and gorgeous, right?

But I can hear my mother. You want to hear what my mother is saying? No? Too bad, you have no choice.

My mother would stay she’s beautiful. That’s undeniable. But she would also say Shu does not have a happy face. Some people are just born with sad faces. She calls it Fu Gwa Gon – dried bitter melon face. Most people with dried bitter melon face are not attractive. Shu is an exception. Her dried bitter melon face is stunning. But her dried bitter melon face is not light. No inner sparkle. And of course there’s some feng shui associated with that. A man who marries a bitter melon face will have a bitter melon life. She always used to tell me – you have an average face from your father’s side of the family. But at least it’s not a dried bitter melon face. You will make your husband happy.

My husband would disagree on most days.

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