So the other day Lainey wrote that I wouldn’t leave her alone until we posted something about Shu Qi. Here she is at the amfAR event last night confirming that I was totally right to insist. Angelic is the word here I believe. Except for the one shot where she’s got a little bent-face going on.

The dress is working for me from far away. Zoom in on the torso and I’m thinking there’s a little but too much going on with the horizontals, diagonals, and bows meeting in the middle but let’s give her a pass for making a bit of a departure from the bland, old lady dress like Liz Hurley wore (also attached). And the floral thing…never a fan but I think it works here.

Once again I am left wondering if my assessment of the quality of this piece is swayed by the fact that she’s hAAt!

Written by Jacek
Photos from and KCSPresse/