When these photos came out late last week, all anyone could talk about was the atrocious ensemble. And I agree…it’s definitely not one of my favourites. It does however have its merits. Because by virtue of being cut out like everywhere, we have now been treated to a glimpse of Sienna’s healthy new body! Yay for food! Yay for nutrition! Or… better yet… yay for post-coke binges! Now don’t get me wrong. She’s still VERY slender by “our” standards but if I were her, I wouldn’t go near Karl Lagerfeld any time soon, you know? After all, there are no bones sticking out. And her clavicle isn’t threatening to spontaneously split in two either – a definite no no in the Kaiser’s eyes, worthy of a bitch slap beat down with his famous fan. What’s more despicable than a woman who actually eats???