At the Awards Of The London Film Critics" Circle tonight in London – Sienna showing yet again that she’s super cute casual but totally assy on a carpet, probably not wearing Marchesa but unfortunately just as sh*t.

It’s the detailing around the shoulders and chest – looks like a Breast Sling. And so unflattering. What’s worse… it’s an older lady dress. With older lady hair and Pam Anderson makeup too. Definitely not her best effort.

Then again, she may be out of practice. As you know, Sienna has stayed away from the carpet circuit of late, without a project to promote and fully immersed in her relationship with Rhys Ifans, she has remained relatively scandal-free for, shockingly, several months.

Word is she’s also been spooked of late by the rash of drug-related tragedies hitting too close to home. Not too long ago, Sienna was supposedly deeply ensconced inside hard party circles and the men in her life, ranging from wannabe rockers to mogul rappers, all exerted a rather strong chemical influence with several almost catastrophic consequences.

As such, she’s apparently now resolved to rein it in. Hope that works out.

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