Talk about a kiss ass. Wearing Marchesa, designed by Georgina Chapman who also happens to be dating Harvey Weinstein, Sienna’s patron producer….how convenient, non? And we appear to have a new SJP in our midst – the salivating puppy eager for approval, coveting your praise as “Best Dressed”, Sienna the most Stylish, Sienna the fashion trendsetter…except she’s never deserved it and she STILL doesn’t deserve it, especially not after tonight. Where do we begin? How about the straw rope around her head? How about the rat’s nest behind it? Y’all love to rag on Britney for the ghetto weave but look closely, look at that henpecked mess and tell me honestly… is this all that much different?

And then of course there’s the dress – the baroque china pattern print that fans out into a long gown that is neither flattering or particularly original. Is it just me? Have table linens and serving plates suddenly become high fashion? And could this bitch please REMOVE HERSELF from Bill Nighy? So she’s presenting the award, she reads out his name, she does it in a way that’s all like – oh my God, “I” totally wanted him to win! And when he gets up on stage, she makes it a point to wrap herself all over him for several long seconds and again on the way out in a blatant attempt to milk as much out of her stagetime as possible – so Julia Roberts/Denzel Washington except with not nearly as much star power. Classic narcissist…classic Sienna.