In town to promote the upcoming Interview, constantly attended by Harvey Weinstein who, of course, is here for purchasing purposes (already scooped up John Cusack’s Grace is Good) in addition to making sure his Golden Girl is on her best behaviour, and for the most part, she’s been keeping her ass clean…if not her nose, not that I would know anything about that. Friday night, at the afterparty for An American Crime, starring Katherine Keener (very well preserved, lovely woman, not to lovely pitbull of a publicist), Canadian Ellen Page (quickly establishing a reputation as one of the most gifted actresses of her generation) and James Franco, Sienna sat in a corner and sulked for the better part of the evening, staring down several attractive women – a blonde television reporter in particular. Literally, she couldn’t take her eyes off of her. Intense glares, so noticeable that a few people actually remarked to the subject of her scrutiny that “Sienna wants to BE you”. Other than that however, Sienna was rather upbeat all weekend, cruising down Main Street, hitting the swag suites, smiling for cameras.

Here she is at the Interview premiere looking fresh and fetching with her closed mouth pout to cover those teeth, trademark crossed leg pose, wrapped in the most beautiful grey coat. Must have it. Saw her again at the MySpace/Tao event and I have to tell you, as you know I’m not her biggest fan, but Sienna Miller – very, very pretty face. Small and delicate with the most beguiling eyes, her arrival caused the biggest stir, even louder than Diddy’s, and tiny…SO tiny, definitely NOT 5 ft 6 as listed. If anything, she is my height and I know this because I was next to her at one point, wearing flat boots with absolutely no heel and we were eye to eye. For the record, I am 5 ft 3 and ¾ on a tall day. Still…as I said, Sienna has a lovely face. Haunting and deceptively innocent but not staggeringly beautiful either – the kind of face that breaks your heart and having now seen her, I have to admit…she does have a certain “it”. Just too bad she’s f&cked in the head. As for Josh Hartnett – he’s here, they were together Sunday, chaperoned at times by Harvey, rumour is they went home together Sunday night. Will keep you posted… Source