Has to be my BFF Sienna Miller. At least God I hope so. If this gets out maybe she will just go away. I mean really, who dosen"t know Hayden C. is a true friend of Dorothy? Dear Veronica, Sienna doesn"t use her needles for her nipples. It"s not her. While we"re here though, we might as well talk about your Hayden/Friend of Dorothy suggestion. Like you, I have heard loud, loud rumours. Haven"t we all? 8 months ago, I was planted on the queer side, firm and solid. But as I said before, I switched some time last summer after watching a scene from Life as a House in which, oddly enough, he plays a sexually ambiguous teenage boy. You see, as skeptical as I am about almost everything, I have my own list of "against the grain" gossip beliefs that canNOT be swayed until there is 100% absolute proof to the contrary. They are as follows: 1. Lance Armstrong did not take steroids - until you prove it to me, until I see a lab report with definitive numbers that light up and beep on command and results held up by a scientist (and not some vicious French newspaper), at a press conference indicating that he used performance enhancing drugs…I refuse to believe he"s dirty. I choose to believe there is someone THAT special put on this planet who has succeeded in the face of such insurmountable obstacles. 2. Brad did not cheat on Jen - you already know my thoughts on this. And if you need a refresher, click here. 3. Jake Gyllenhaal is NOT Toothy Tile. Too easy and too obvious. And really, at this rate, since Ted has now said that Toothy is on full retreat…can anyone ever be absolutely, ROCK SOLID SURE it"s Jakey??? I think not. And finally… 4. Hayden is not gay. Every day I have tips coming in from people swearing up and down that so and so"s brother made out with him or that so and so"s roommate"s sister had a 3 way inside a phonebooth with him and no one, not one gossip out there has been able to nail this one down. So for now, for the moment, call it naïve, call it uncharacteristically uncynical, but I"m not biting. Until he literally goes brokeback with Jake Gyllenhaal, I"m going to say he likes chicks.