Desperately Saving Factory Girl

Lainey Posted by Lainey at January 31, 2007 12:00:00 January 31, 2007 12:00:00
A movie with huge expectations, beset by production delays and drama on the set, release date pushed back into obscurity, despite heavy campaigning by its producer, and now blasted by critics – no wonder Harvey Weinstein had to do SOMETHING. The problem is, allegedly leaking this kind of story via the NY Daily News is pathetic at best…and even an amateur gossip can see through that bullsh*t. In case you haven’t heard – the paper printed a story today that that sizzling sex scene between Sienna Miller and Hayden Christensen in Factory was not just acting…it was the real thing. As in penetration. As in intercourse. As in completely fantasy. And denied immediately by Sienna – for once you should believe her. If you recall, I broke the story of the reshoots for that particular scene back in November. The set was built in Toronto designed to resemble Bob Dylan’s cabin and they were NOT alone. The director, assistants, lighting crew, makeup, a small village was on hand that day, and more importantly – the two protagonists were at odds. So much so that there was much conflict surrounding the first takes because of Sienna’s supposed unprofessionalism, the director and Hayden’s constant redheaded companion, with whom he’s been seen since last summer, stepped in to placate both stars, resulting in footage that has been edited to appear hot. Repeat – Hayden was not alone that day. In fact, he insisted that his girl remain on set throughout the duration of the intimate scenes…not because he’s a freak ass perv who wanted her to watch but because it was a simple, professional love scene, and he is by all accounts a professional. And … given his aversion to any public scrutiny relating to his private life, especially since he seems particularly interested in forgetting the Sienna Episode, there is absolutely no f*cking way Hayden Christensen would have popped a c*ckstand, let alone putting it out there for public consumption. I’m telling you gossips, it didn’t happen. A better explanation of this and why the director George Hickenlooper did not confirm or deny the report when asked about it is because the movie is in trouble. And a savvy movie mogul like Harvey Weinstein is no stranger to whipping up scandal and intrigue to save his project. While Sienna – to her credit – is earnestly pounding the pavement desperately trying to salvage her film, Harvey seems to be masterminding a different kind of attack. Not unlike the studio-fueled rumours that resulted in heightened interest surrounding Mr & Mrs Smith except that …well…clearly apples and oranges, non? Conclusion: Publicity Stunt. Trust. Source

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