Sienna Miller for Valentino? WAY off base.

Because Sienna can only do casual. Casual one look boho strolling around London… for sure. But high glam in the designer’s signature red? Even the most hardcore Miller fan wouldn’t disagree – she looked horrid this weekend at V’s anniversary celebration. Absolute atrocity. And it’s not just the eyebrows, though as an Asian I confess it’s a staunch aversion.

Can’t tell you how many times make up artists have tried to do the chinky chink and paint that sh-t jet black. Just plain ass.

With Sienna however it goes beyond. It’s the fact she looks like she’s playing dress up, it’s the fact that the gown is wearing her. It’s that she can never truly own it – the way Uma owns it. The way Cate owns it. The way Zeta owns it.

Sienna Miller for Valentino? He’s losing his f&cking mind.