It’s awkward for us right? Running into an ex, or a former lover, or someone you made out with one night when you’re with your one true love at a restaurant. Or... maybe not. I guess it’s not awkward if that person f-cked you over and you look really good and your new piece is extraordinary. The point is though – is it ever boring?

Maybe it is boring for Sienna Miller because, well, Sienna Miller has been active. So it must happen often right? An encounter with a onetime partner? Bah. It’s like walking down the street for her. Easy.

Sienna and Jude Law went out for dinner last night in London. Diddy was at the same restaurant. Remember Sienna and Diddy? You could argue though that those were her lost years. Jude messed around with the nanny, she reacted by hooking up irresponsibly with, um, a lot of people. Do you buy that?

I’ll tell you what I don’t buy: Balthazar Getty saying it was his choice to go back to his wife. Please. If Sienna still wanted him, he’d still be out on his kids. Loser.

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