There’s a scene in New York, I Love You – Bradley Cooper leans against the bar, orders a scotch and throws it back. It’s SO hot the way his body is bent in the frame, the angle of his shoulders, how he dips his chin at exactly the right light. This is not by accident. Filmmaking – unless you consider Twilight – is never by accident. Everything is coordinated, calculated, contrived. This is acting too. Not only feeling your character, delivering your lines, but also embodying who you play, especially how you play the body. The good actors, or at least the ones who were meant to do it, achieve this more naturally than others. Or perhaps they’ve been doing it for so long the boundaries become blurred and it spills into their personal zones as well. The third option is that they’re so beautiful they can’t help but look like they’re in movies all the time, even on a private day, during a private farewell.

I’ll throw Sienna Miller and Jude Law into this category. Because this, this could have been a film. So gorgeous, so well matched, so much symmetry I can’t stop looking.

Jude is currently in the Czech Republic for the Carlsbad Film Festival. Sienna just arrived today in LA. So they’re apart. And they obviously will miss each other. And this is what their London goodbye looked like.


It’s intoxicating. That much beauty combined, intensely in love, so perfectly matched it’s like there’s a director conducting even their off screen kisses with the help of an invisible choreographer. How can you look at these pictures and not be obsessed?

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