Sienna Miller and Jude Law returned to London after holiday in Kenya yesterday. It’s been an entire year. A year gone, their love intact, and no drama.

Can you believe it?

Things are going so well, in fact, that the two have reportedly purchased a home together for £8 million. Well someone’s not skint anymore, is he? That Sherlock Holmes contract must be as pretty as they are.

So all is right in their world, yes?

This is when it’s most fun playing Photo Assumption, our favourite game, drawing conclusions based only on images. And Photo Assumption says there’s a look about Sienna now, something in her face. While the non-gossip, Photo Assumption neophyte would simply attribute that to jetlag, or Jude’s hideous ass pants (I guess he was travelling after all), the smuttier among us would identify Sienna’s expression as… boredom.

This is a girl who lives on intensity, who thrives on anxiety, who exists best when the sh-t is crazy. It’s been months, followed by months, of calm in her life. I’ve seen her look like this before. Then she left Rhys Ifans.

Now you know I love them. You know I’ve always been into it. They’re too pretty not to be into it. It would be very, very, VERY upsetting to me if they split. Having said that, a public fight or two, some tears, and a hot ass makeup makeout session never hurt anyone either.


It could have just been a long flight.

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