So People officialises it and all of a sudden it"s news???

Allow me just one short moment of gloat, will you? Because you will recall that I was the first to report way way back on April 9th that Jude and Sienna were back together. Seen in Mexico and NYC. Ok, I'm done.

So they've reunited - shopping in Cali over the weekend. And yes, for now, I'm told it feels so good. I'm also told Sienna's mother encouraged it. As did many of her other friends. Jude has pledged fidelity and Jude is also very good to her... when he's not f&cking the nanny. Sienna on the other hand can only hold it together around Jude. Which is why she was a right bollocked mess - and a contagious one at that - for months and months while they were apart. I hear that her family and friends believe being with Jude benefits her state of mind. I've also heard that some people think he was driven to stray by her dramatics…not that that's an excuse but that she is such a handful and so emotionally needy that the - forgive me here, I can't resist - nurturing arms of Nanny Daisy provided much needed relief.

OK. Full on giggling now. Anyway, according to my sources, getting back together was actually more about her pledging to work her sh*t out and less about him keeping his polka dot pee pee in his pants. So now that it's been almost a year, and now that you"ve seen Sienna Miller in a much different light - tell me, whose side are you on??? And, at the end of the day, are they both just worthless wankers unworthy of our smut?