Sienna Miller alienated a lot of Hollywood Wives during her Balthazar Getty episode, became very unpopular among a certain influential crowd. Same goes for Kate Bosworth when she was disinvited from the Stella McCartney girls club coincidentally after that story about her and Chris Martin. And they were both at the opening of Esquire House LA on Friday night which got me to thinking – they really should hang out more, I mean it’s like they’re were made to be friends.

Or could they actually co-exist?

As fashion girls go, I’d give the edge to Sienna all day, hard as Kate and her JewelMint might try. And they’re not getting much work either.

Hm. Perhaps this isn’t a good idea after all. It could get quite ugly, although in an alternate universe, if Sienna wasn’t so happily and beautifully back with Jude Law, imagine what would happen if she and Alexander Skarsgard found themselves alone in a room?

Please. You'd be all over it. Like me.
Kate was with Alex all weekend. He attended the Esquire event too and then this weekend collected an award at Scream 2010. The two did not pose together because, you know, they don't want to put their relationship out there like that.

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