It’s these hotel rooms sometimes. The light is terrible. For makeup artists it’s the worst. And possibly the explanation behind Sienna Miller’s overbronzed face.

Last night in New York at the screening for The Mysteries of Pittsburgh, that film she shot a couple of years ago during which she called Pittsburgh sh-tsburgh and angered the entire town…

As you can see, Sienna’s face is one orange blob – gorgeous, but totally the wrong colour. In every photo, from every photo agency, it’s all the wrong colour.

Amazingly enough, Sienna has managed to remain relatively well behaved the last couple of months – no scandalous pictures on holiday, keeping the sightings with Balthazar to a minimum, both trying to rehabilitate their images.

Still… you can never be too safe with Sienna. Which is why it was smart of the always lovely Maggie Gyllenhaal last night to attend with Peter Sarsgaard. Their relationship is solid, of course, but Sienna around an unavailable man? You never want to chance it.

Speaking of Maggie (I linked to it last week in the John Krasinski article) her role in the upcoming Away We Go…she steals the trailer. Steals it. Maggie is amazing.

If you haven’t already, embedding it again. Because I watch it at least once a day. It’s been a long time since I’ve looked forward this eagerly to a movie.

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