At the Montblanc Signature for Good Charity Gala – several actresses posed for portraits dressed as iconic literary characters in support of UNICEF. The unveiling was last night. Something like that. So along came the ladies.

Here’s Susan Sarandon covering up as has been the case lately, which is unusual because she’s never been shy about her breasts and at the risk of sounding creepy, they are missed. And Lucy Liu in white with angel wings – LOVE. And ugh, that Longoria woman again (why???) along with Emily Blunt and Sienna Miller, all three of whom appeared to wearing a version of the same dress… right? Like they’re all different colours but stand them side by side and they appear to merge into one another. Maybe it’s just me.

Me – I prefer the two black cocktails worn by Christina Ricci and Reese Witherspoon. It’s nice to see Ricci settle, hopefully permanently, on a healthy(ish?) weight. Her body has been the same, without dramatic fluctuations, for a while now. This is good.

Even better? Reese Witherspoon’s legs. She’s always had great legs. Soft wavy hair looks gorgeous. Her skin looks gorgeous. Jakey makes Reese happy!

Gossip from the event?

Sienna kept her shenanigans to a minimum, on her best behaviour to make sure not to alienate even more power women in Hollywood than she already has. There weren’t too many members of the Courteney Cox contingent around so Rosetta Getty’s revenge was momentarily kept at bay. Am told that at one point, Reese did appear to make a face at her though. And you can see how someone like Sienna would offend proper Reese’s sensibilities, non?

Still… what’s Sienna Miller compared to Ebola Hilton? Somehow that asshole managed to worm its way inside – her parents were there too – and it was all our ladies could do to work the room strategically in order to avoid infection.

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