OK she is, but not this time.

Diddy and Kim Porter have split, tabloids are blaming his relationship with Sienna Miller after they supposedly rekindled it post Concert for Diana. But as much as I love to rag on Skitty, my sources say they are seriously just friends. At least they were on Saturday.

Sienna had yet to see Diddy when she arrived at Wembley. She was indeed looking for him but for two people allegedly having a clandestine relationship, they were certainly in no rush to hook up. Afterwards it was dinner at Cipriani. Not alone. As you can see from these photos, Pharrell the Hotness was there as well. I’m told Diddy sees Sienna as a kid sister and she likes to party her face off which is why they end up staying out late together.

As for why Kim left him… well, he’s Diddy. Does doting husband fit with the program? Hardly.

Here"s Sienna looking bunk in Barcelona pimping Pepe Jeans.  Girl needs to do something with that hair. It"s weak.

source and source