Not that a pair of knickers isn’t hard to beat but still, in the interest of objectivity, have to admit that Sienna pulled off a lovely comeback last night at yet another event to promote the critical bomb that is Factory Girl. The dress is fantastic. And it looks fantastic on her. The hair, on the other hand? Well…I can’t say I’m down with the hair. But at least it’s not a weave and who can’t relate to an outgrowth period? All things considered, Sienna looks gorgeous… Gorgeous with a trucker mouth that apparently can’t be controlled. Many of you have emailed this morning about The Today Show. I haven’t seen it but every message includes the same details: Sienna waiting to go on air, introduced as the next segment after commercial, she waves to the camera and just before the screen cuts to ads, the audio roars up and you can hear her yell out “F*CKING HELL” in that pack-a-day Posh accent. All class. Source