Sienna Miller: Tom Ford in agreement

Lainey Posted by Lainey at August 15, 2007 12:36:48 August 15, 2007 12:36:48

Some select scans from Sienna’s September spread in Vogue – not terribly breathtaking. Especially for the most important issue of the year. And remember, I like Sienna these days.

The interview itself isn’t all that insightful either. Sienna is flighty and endearing, she is sweet and charming, she is honest but also contrived – she worships Keith Richards, of COURSE she does. She does however speak candidly about Jude Law, admitting that she was young in the relationship, that it was a beautiful relationship but a relationship built on stolen moments in between acting gigs. Sienna also said she would love him forever. And there is something tender about the way her sentiments are delivered that reflects that she has finally moved on without carrying bitterness.

As for the rest – she chain smokes (not news) and stays out late almost every night (not news). The most interesting part however is Valentino’s anniversary party in Rome a few weeks back. You’ll recall she was in a rred dress with feathers that wore her instead of the other way around. Which is her problem on the carpet, isn’t it? Sienna can only do casual. Sienna simply cannot do glam. And Tom Ford agrees.

Apparently the sexy beast was bothered by her appearance at Valentino that night and Tom being Tom – the bitchiest homo ever – he told her to her face. Says Sienna:

“(Tom Ford said) I need to get a look and stick to it, that my public needs to be able to recognise me. I told him “I’m doing a shoot” otherwise I always have the same look.”

And I can only imagine his face. Lips drawn in a straight line, corners turned down, exhaling audibly and blinking long and slowly, assessing her up and down, before delivering his verdict that her glam attempts suck ass.

Tom Ford is all knowing.


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