Iconic Overstatement

Lainey Posted by Lainey at August 13, 2007 14:05:58 August 13, 2007 14:05:58

A huge honour. It is Vogue’s biggest issue, its most prestigious issue. And Sienna Miller has been chosen to grace the September cover. The timing, of course, is perfect. Sienna is currently making a big push for her fashion line Twenty8Twelve.

In spite of the dark eyebrows, which appear to have been lightened since the shoot with the magic of photoshoppe, I actually like this cover. A little edgy without going overboard, without dipping in to Gwyneth’s Russian trans inspiration as illustrated in this month’s W Magazine. And because Sienna is not pictured in a full body pose, her awkward neck action isn’t getting in the way of her pretty face.

Sienna is, after all, undeniably pretty.

She is NOT however “Fashion’s Feistiest Icon”. Feisty yes. A crazy bitch at Burger King? Yes yes. Iconic? Ass no. Fashion icons don’t copy Kate Moss. Like please.

Ironically enough, thanks to the talents of her sister Savannah, her design label just might trump Kate’s. Here’s the website – I kinda like the spare feel and the old school font. Appeals to my obnoxious anglophile.

Speaking of… met the hottest gay Brit at a party the other night called Will. Tempted to make out with him but too shy to ask. He wanted my husband. Been doing that a lot lately – French kissing homos. Is that wrong? Even if I my husband knows? Nothing could be more humbling. To snog a man and have him pull away and…Nothing. Not even a twinge on his part. Gays give mad tease.


Sienna goes on sale September. In Canada she’s coming to Holt Renfrew for the launch. Will you let you know how it fits.


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