They’d supposedly broken up – Sienna Miller and Balthazar Getty – and this was a good thing. By her standards she was keeping a relatively low profile, staying out of trouble, and not stumbling out of clubs with married men.

Sienna also looks great in the trailers from G.I. Joe. Not bad as a badass. But just months before the release of the film, and a short couple of weeks before the press tour, the studio must be sh-tting itself. Because Sienna is on vacation. With Balthy. Balthy has been spending time lately with his children and the paps…

Perhaps this is the reason. To cushion this blow. Obviously Sienna and Balthy are still together. And Balthy is still technically married to Rosetta who, at last check, was refusing to divorce him.

Not exactly a great combination. Not exactly a publicist’s dream. Because they have to manage Sienna for press. Which means that the press will be more interested in her romantic entanglements than in the movie. She has no sense.

Grifoni-Sarmiento /