I’m the loser who jumpy clapped when the photos started uploading. Of Sienna Miller arriving with Jude Law arm in arm at the Met Gala 5 years after calling off their nuptials post NannyGate. They’ve been dodging it for months. Even though it was established, even though there was no question, Sienna and Jude refused to walk down the street together, refused to talk about each other, refused to throw their relationship back into the public discussion.

Until last night.

Goddamn it’s nice to look at them when they are made for each other again. Sienna fixed his baby hair squiggle, see?

So will it turn out to be an unwise decision? Judgy Gwyneth would say so. But perhaps Sienna and Jude will be smarter about things this time. Please let them be smarter about things this time. Because having endured them apart, it’s really in all of our best interests that they’ve found their way back. It means no more janky hook-ups, no more unplanned babies and paternity tests, no more Balthy’s and Hollywood Mean Wives. We all win. Or do we? I need to think about this now.

PS. Dress and shoes are Pucci. WANT.

Photos from Wenn.com and Stephen Lovekin/Larry Busacca/Gettyimages.com