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I keep saying it and she keeps proving it – Sienna Miller and Jude Law are at their prettiest when they are together. Right now, she is prettier than ever. SO pretty. Really, really pretty. This is Sienna two days ago at the London Fashion Week presentation of Twenty8Twelve, the fashion line she runs with her sister Savannah. Also has something to do with her hair, of course. This is her best hair length. And it has that naturally unkempt wave I wish I was born with.

As for’s a great example of UK newspaper f-ckery. According to the UK Daily Mirror, Sienna finally confirmed at the show that she and Jude are officially back together. The publication cited this quote purportedly from Miller:

"It's going really well. I'm so happy actually, he's great."

The quote was subsequently carried wide and far, even in the Huffington Post. I originally wanted to write about it yesterday using this link from the Daily Mail but I ran out of time. So when I came back to it today, and clicked on the source article, it led me to an error page. The article had been pulled down.

The original source, the Daily Mirror, has also pulled down their article here. It’s been replaced by a new page that reads one simple sentence:

We're happy to tell you that Sienna has not recently spoken to the press about her and Jude Law.

Which means she never said it and has threatened to sue their asses.


Everyone is buzzing today about Robert Pattinson’s alleged comments to The Sun in London, the same paper that Lindsay Lohan gave that salacious exclusive interview to. Pattinson supposedly finally confirmed that he and Kristen Stewart are indeed dating. Gossip Cop however has clarified that that wasn’t exactly what Pattinson meant. This isn’t to say that the two aren’t dating, but that they just haven’t publicly acknowledged it. F-ckery, right?

And that brings us back to Lindsay Lohan. Lindsay Lohan has now taken to speaking with shady rags, telling them her life story. Jesus, what do they have?

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