UK gossips are reporting that Sienna Miller and Tom Sturridge have ended their engagement. They were recently on holiday together – click here to see those photos. Another trend that Gwyneth can claim: she invented the conscious uncoupling holiday.

But this can’t be a surprise, can it? Sienna and Tom together forever? I’ve written about Sienna’s restlessness many times. Click here and click here for refreshers. Sienna gets restless. You can always see it in her face.

So… now Sienna is single. And in November she starts work on Live By Night with Ben Affleck. Last week I namechecked Sienna in this post about Ben Affleck. This is specifically what I wrote:

Ben Affleck and Sienna Miller on a set together, after all that’s happened recently. I want you to think about that.

And then again in this post:

We’ve talked a lot about Ben’s comebacks. We’ve seen Sienna make her comeback too. Two comebacks, one set. They start shooting in November. I can’t wait.

Not just because they’re two goodlooking famous people working together. But because in addition to restlessness, Ben and Sienna share the gift of compulsive and impulsive behaviour. They’re both drawn to drama. They can live temporarily without it, but they’ll always find their way back to it. Maybe it’ll be nothing, colleagues only. Maybe they’ll know that the tabloids are already writing these stories in advance and won’t want to give them the satisfaction. But maybe… it won’t take much. And unlike The Town, this time, it’s an all-clear situation.

Here’s Ben out with the dog yesterday at the office. Apparently he was lightheartedly joking with the paps, like telling his boy to go get the photographers, while smirking. And he was also seen driving a new dude car. Man’s best friend. Man’s man wheels. Get on that Dude vote, Ben Affleck. You’ve been let out of nag wife marriage prison.