And Chinese noodles?

I mean, my people, we know how to do noodles. Noodles are not something to cry over. But this post is about Sienna Miller. And if anyone can find a reason to cry over noodles, it’s Sienna Miller. Which is why I already called bullsh-t last week on her assertion that she’s removed the drama from her life. Please. Never.

Coming off her break from Jude Law, Sienna has been spending a lot of time with Tom Sturridge with whom she was seen before she and Jude reconciled. The other day she and Tom went to China Tang for dinner. According to the Daily Mail they were really into each other. She was feeding him and he couldn’t stop kissing her. Then, according to the eyewitness, Sienna suddenly became “tearful” so they settled up and left.

You know that girl right? The one who can always find a reason to be tearful for no apparent reason because 1. It’s boring otherwise and 2. She likes the attention? (By the way, before you go there, Sienna Miller is NOT the Ladies’ Room bitch.)

On Sunday however Sienna was back in good spirits. She and Tom were spotted on a coffee run. What is it about him that brings the girls right after their splits? Like Carey Mulligan? And why does he always look like their kid brother?

Having said that, while I’m not convinced of the suitability of Sienna and Tom, I would like them to stay together until they can pull off at least one double date, if not several, with Tom’s best friend Robert Pattinson and his gf Kristen Stewart. Because, like, imagine mixing Stewart and Sienna? Stewart with her constant exhales of exasperation and eyerolling, who loves to hate talking about herself and talking about how much she hates it in combination with Miller’s I hate when people talk about me but I love talking about how much I hate when people talk about me…

And bursting into tears over noodles.

Picture Kristen Stewart’s face when Sienna Miller bursts into tears over noodles.

It’s a delicious gossip prospect.

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