Sienna Miller is continuing to promote American Sniper. American Sniper just received a nomination today from the Producers Guild, by the way. Ahead of both Unbroken and Selma. In addition to American Sniper, the PGAs went with Gone Girl. Foxcatcher also made the list.

So of the Top 10 films of the year, according the Producers Guild, Sienna Miller is in TWO of them.

And she’s continuing to stay on message about how this is a career turnaround. What I’ve enjoyed about Sienna’s “comeback” campaign is that she’s resisted the victim angle. Oh poor me, the tabloids painted this picture and it was so unfair and it sucked for me, etc, etc, etc.

Instead, as she does in this new interview with The Guardian, she simply acknowledges that her 20s were “quite chaotic” and that she understands that “People don’t want to see films with people they don’t approve of in them”.

She repeats that it changed when one director took a chance on her. Because then it opened her up to a new club:

“All the directors speak to each other. And once you crack that upper echelon of incredible directors, you’ve got people rooting for you. People who people listen to. I’ve never had that before.”

But there was another factor. Perhaps the most significant factor:

“And I think having a baby really changed everything, if I’m honest. I think that’s where it began.”

There it is. The Motherhood Whitewash. We see it all the time, not just in Hollywood, but A LOT in Hollywood. Look what it did for Tori Spelling. And even Kanye West’s wife. Ever since Kanye West’s wife had Kanye West’s baby, she achieved a level of celebrity that wasn’t previously available to her, or her tawdry reality show peers. Become a mother, everything is forgiven.

Even though Sienna has been a beneficiary of the Motherhood Whitewash though, she does acknowledge that it’s a gross and silly basis for a perception change:

“I’m sure that factors. People who read the negative things [about me], the people who need persuading, are probably ignorant enough to assume, ‘Well she’s got a kid so she’s serious now.’ Which, of course, isn’t the case. I’m still whoever I was. Maybe more mature, but the same. So amongst that ignorant, ridiculous area of my industry, I’m sure opinions of me have changed because I’m a mother now.”

Not just the industry. It’s society in general. Mothers can’t be assholes (with the exception of Gwyneth Paltrow, for some).

Click here to read The Guardian’s full piece on Sienna Miller.